n. & v. (US program)
1 a usu. printed list of a series of events, performers, etc. at a public function etc.
2 a radio or television broadcast.
3 a plan of future events (the programme is dinner and an early night).
4 a course or series of studies, lectures, etc.; a syllabus.
5 (usu. program) a series of coded instructions to control the operation of a computer or other machine.
— (programmed, programming; US programed, programing)
1 make a programme or definite plan of.
2 (usu. program) express (a problem) or instruct (a computer) by means of a program.
Phrases and idioms:
programme music a piece of music intended to tell a story, evoke images, etc.
programmable adj. programmability n. programmatic adj. programmatically adv. programmer n.
Etymology: LL programma f. Gk programma -atos f. prographo write publicly (as PRO-(2), grapho write): spelling after F programme

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see program.

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